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In a nutshell, I am a huge comic book and movie nerd, who just happened to discover a passion for lifting heavy objects and altering my physique to somewhat resemble that of my childhood hero’s. In essence I have taken my fascination and obsession with comic book characters to the next level. I want to be one of them too! I mean who doesnt right!!

Episode 52: Michael Knight Returns! [Trainer of Chris Hemsworth]

On this episode Michael Knight, the former trainer of Chris Hemsworth returns to the podcast. Mike takes us through 2 of his group training classes and explains his training principles along the way. These are the same principles that helped Mike transform Chris Hemsworth into Thor and they are the same principles that will help you to build a body that could be worthy enough to pick up the mighty hammer 'Mjolnir' and be the god of thunder!!! Learn more about Mike here: Website: www.michaelknightaos.com/ Follow on social media: Instagram: www.instagram.com/mknightaos/ Twitter: twitter.com/mknightaos ...


WELCOME TO ‘MONTH THREE’ OF MY SUPERHERO STRENGTH: YEAR ONE SERIES. This is a series of articles that was inspired by the amazing Batman, graphic novel storyline, YEAR ONE, by Frank Miller. The Year One storyline was a retelling of Bruce Wayne’s origin story and how he became the Batman that we know today. The story spans over the course of his first year fighting crime in Gotham. Bruce Wayne / Batman was not the seemingly invincible and highly intelligent detective that we know today. The dude made mistakes. A lot of them! So throughout the course of his first ...
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