My name is James Buckley, I am a qualified Personal trainer and am the owner of this magnificent website.

About Jimbo.

In a nutshell, I am a huge comic book and movie nerd, who just happened to discover a passion for lifting heavy objects and altering my physique to somewhat resemble that of my childhood hero’s. In essence I have taken my fascination and obsession with comic book characters to the next level. I want to be one of them too! I mean who doesnt right!!

Firstly I should let any fellow Geeks out there know.
Im a DC Comics guy.
Sorry to all the Marvel fans out there. Dont get me wrong, I still love Spiderman and IronMan and Thor. But Im a Superman & Batman guy deep down.

I just thought you should know right now in case it is any kind of deal breaker.

So after having experienced my own physical tranformation, I have personally experienced the mental and physical effects from training and nutrition. The high’s of achieving a particular goal and the low’s that come from lack of progress or plateaus.
I have experimented with countless different approaches to dieting and training. I know what works and what doesnt. However that doesnt mean I have stopped learning. I am always educating myself. Learning new techniques, trying new training programs, new dieting strategies and different foods and supplements and playing around with their combinations. I am always reading the latest scientific studies.
Because I love this stuff!!
I love to implement the things I learn into improving my health, strength and physique.
But whats the other reason why I love learning about every facet of the health & fitness industry?
So I can help others.

Training principles:

I am a firm believer in Good old fashioned hard work. There are no shortcuts. If we want to transform our physique into something truly super human, then we must train like we are a super human with superhero strength!

Nutrition principles:

Just like my training principles, there are no shortcuts,when it comes to nutrition. you are not stupid,you know what foods are good for you and bad for you. I prefer to feed my body with high quality really foods and use supplements that actually work and will not just assist in growth or fat loss, but also overall health.



Certificate IV in Personal training
Clean Health: inutrition Pro- Level 1
Australian Strength Coach: Strength Systems Levels 1 & 2

Bodybuilding competition history:

2014 INBA Adelaide Classic (Novice Bodybuilding): 5th place
2014 INBA Melbourne Classic (Novice Bodybuilding): 3rd place
2015 INBA Adelaide Classic (72-77kg Bodybuilding) 3rd place
2015 INBA Adelaide Sport and Fitness Expo (72-77kg Bodybuilding): 2nd place
2015 INBA Adelaide Sport and Fitness Expo (Open Class Bodybuilding) 2nd place


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