21 day beginners challenge: landing page

Today is your day to make a change.

It takes a lot of courage for a man to realize that he wants to turn his life around and start living again.
That he wants to become something more.

For that, I congratulate you.

Over the next 21 days you are going to learn the fundamental knowledge required in how to transform your body.
You will develop new habits, self discipline, better management of your time.
You are going to make your health a much higher priority.

Who am I?

My name is James Buckley.
I started out my adult years as jut an average guy working in a dead end job.
I was not active at all. My diet was mainly processed, fast foods and alcohol.
My health was average, my body LOOKED average (and pretty chubby too)
I had very low confidence, I couldn’t talk to girls (unless I was very intoxicated!)
I had zero direction in life, living from paycheck to paycheck and then wasting it on useless crap.

One thing I did have was a massive love for Superheroes.
I had always dreamed about being as strong as Superman and as buff as Batman.

But it was just a dream…. right?
No one could really ever become like them. They’re just fictional characters.

The 21 day Superhero Challenge has been created for men who have recently or currently experienced

One day, my then girlfriend (spoiler alert: she’s now my wife!) dragged me to the gym with her to do a group fitness class
I think she did it mainly for a laugh… Which she did! I had no idea what i was doing!

It was my first time I had ever set foot inside a gym, and it showed!
I was out of shape and man did i look like an idiot!

Amid all of this embarrassment, I decided to sign up for the gym anyway.
I started “training” about 3 times per week.

To be honest I didn’t make much progress. I was that typical guy who said he “worked out” but didn’t look like it!

I think I continued this way for about 4 years! Four years and i still had no clue about real training and had made no real progress in my physique or health.
I still looked very average, I still ate like crap, I still drank, I was still super unfit!
I still hated going to the gym!

Things finally started to turn around for me when I became friend’s with a couple of guys who really did
TRAIN HARD! They were the two Dave’s.

For some strange reason the two Dave’s let me join them in their brutal workouts. I slowly began to get stronger. They taught me about nutrition. They got me to actually enjoy training!

 Fast forward another 8 years into the future.
I have now competed in four bodybuilding shows. I have even started competing in powerlifting!
I am now a coach myself and have helped numerous people transform their own lives!
Helping these guys become

That is what I am here to talk to you about today.

I want to help YOU transform and become a Superhero!

I want to show you that it is possible to become MORE than just a mere mortal human.
I want to show you that you can ascend to a higher level of being.
I also want to show you that it’s not just your body that will transform to that of a superhero.
You will also become mentally stronger, more focused, more confident within yourself.

These are all qualities that I GUARANTEE will set you up for further success and happiness throughout your life!
It sounds corny, but its true!


If the answer is yes, then lets begin your Heroes journey with the

By signing up to the program below i will send you out the following.

  • A complete three week body weight training program with different options to increase the intensity (No need to join a gym just yet!)
  • A guide to getting your nutrition right, plus a sample meal plan that you can follow.
  • Weekly shopping lists so you know what to buy from the grocery store
  • A guide to cardio and how superheroes do their cardio!
  •  complete access to videos demonstrating the workouts and cardio demonstrations. 
  • Access to the private Facebook group where you can ask questions and interact with myself and all of the other Future Superheroes taking part in the challenge. 
  • Special deals on upcoming programs and events

how much is all of this going to cost?

It’s Free as my gift to you.

No strings, no tricks, no nothing!
I only ask that you commit to the program, and the principles that I will teach you.


So if you are finally ready to step up to the plate and become the hero that you deserve to be.
then please complete the form below and lets begin your journey!

james21 day beginners challenge: landing page