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Episode 28: Jimbo’s Top Ten Movies Of 2017!

Welcome to 2018 everyone!
I’ve had a few week’s off over the holiday period, but now Im back and chatting with you guys about transforming yourself into a superpowered beast of a human being!

This episode is really just me having a conversation with you guys. Talking a bit about the year that was and what is coming up for 2018.
I promised in my last show that I would break down my favourite superhero movies of 2017. I decided to do a complete top ten of my favourite movies for the year instead, including all genre’s.

Thanks again to all of you for listening. Thankyou to everyone for the very encouraging comments. It gives me extra fuel each week to keep producing the podcast and to keep making it better for you guys!

Here’s to an awesome 2018 for all of you!


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jamesEpisode 28: Jimbo’s Top Ten Movies Of 2017!