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Episode 34: Andrew Deutsch [Nerdstrong Gym]

Today Im chatting with the founder of Nerdstrong Gym, Andrew Deutsch.
Nerdstrong is a gym created especially for us nerds (as the name would suggest!) where you don’t just go to “workout”, but actually to go on amazing quest’s or adventures. One day you may be an Avenger and you are fighting to stop Thanos from collecting the Infinity stones. Or on another day you could inside the ‘Oasis’ from “Ready Player One” and on a quest to find the 3 keys. Andrew & his crew create these amazing themed workouts everyday for their members, so it never just feels like you are in the gym doing your 3 sets of 8 reps of concentration curls (YAWN…..)

Checkout Their Youtube Channel here to see some of their workouts.


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jamesEpisode 34: Andrew Deutsch [Nerdstrong Gym]