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Episode 36: Michael Knight [Trainer of Chris Hemsworth] – PART 1

This week I am lucky enough to be joined by Michael Knight.
Mike was instrumental in Helping Chris Hemsworth transform his physique for the very first Thor Film. This episode is going to go a bit differently and will be part one of a two.
On this episode we went right into Mike’s own personal transformation and his principles on training, nutrition, and mindset. Mike has so much knowledge that he is happy to share and you guys are going to learn so much that you can apply to your own superhero transformation! (I know this, because I learned so much!)

Look out for part 2, where Mike is going to go deep into the work he did with Chris Hemsworth and what they did to transform a lean surfer dude and SOAP star from Summer Bay in Australia’s “Home & Away” into The Asgardian God of Thunder, THOR!

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jamesEpisode 36: Michael Knight [Trainer of Chris Hemsworth] – PART 1