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Episode 39: Interview on “The Under The Capes” Podcast

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Host Tim Ludy on the ‘Under The Capes Podcast’. This is a really great show where Tim speaks with people who have created a geek/ nerd inspired brand. I wanted to share this interview with you guys for this weeks episode because I think so many of us have a passion or hobby and I really do encourage you to create something out of that hobby. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something that makes you a squillionaire, but it can be anything. Like a podcast for example!

I highly recommend you guys check out the ‘Under The Capes Podcast’ and listen to more of Tim’s episodes where he interviews cosplayers, bloggers, youtubers, artists, anything that is geek related.
Check out the podcast on his website or through, stitcher, itunes or soundcloud
Go on, make your thing!!!


jamesEpisode 39: Interview on “The Under The Capes” Podcast