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Episode 46: Eddie Davenport [Stuntman For Hugh Jackman]

On this week’s episode I am chatting with stuntman and actor @Eddie_Davenport.
We talk all about Eddie being the overweight funny guy and transforming himself into a superhero and scoring the role of being the stunt double for Hugh Jackman in ‘Logan’ and playing the ‘X24’ Wolverine clone. This was a really fun conversation with a lot of geeking out over superhero movies and some behind the scene’s stories on the set of ‘Logan’ plus a tonne of useful advice yo help you on your superhero journey!

To Learn more about Eddie:

Check out Eddie’s online subscription program ‘Strict 9 Fitness’ and learn the training and nutrition principles that helped Eddie transform his own physique into a superhero!

instagram: @eddie_davenport

instagram: @strict9fitness
twitter: @eddie_davenport

jamesEpisode 46: Eddie Davenport [Stuntman For Hugh Jackman]