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Putting in the time


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Bruce Wayne trained for over ten years. He perfected countless forms of martial arts and other crime fighting techniques in order to become THE BATMAN!

Oliver Queen spent 5 years on an ‘almost’ deserted island and honed his survival skills, archery and badassery before he returned to Star City to become the GREEN ARROW!

even Clark Kent spent years travelling through virtual time & space and learning everything from the weird holographic and sentient version of his father Jor-EL before he introduced himself to the world as SUPERMAN.


It doesn’t matter who you are, you have to put in the time and the hard yards. that’s why it is called a “Heroes Journey”.

These days it seems like most young guys expect to be able to build a perfect lean & muscular Superhero physique in just 3 – 6 months! But it just doesnt work that way. What happened to the notion that you knew you had to have patience and grind away for AT LEAST 2-3 years before you really began to develop and see impressive results and earn that rank of “Badass superhero”?

Why am I suddenly sounding like some old guy, that complains and tells stories about ‘how things were back in my day’?

DAMN! Im only 32 years old!

Look, I don’t want to crap all over the impatient Millennial’s out there. To a degree, I am one of them too and to be honest, they are not the ones to blame here for these false expectations.

Many of them have never experienced the frustrations of Dial Up internet, or having to research school assignments by spending hours looking up info in REAL encyclopedia’s or ENCARTA 95 (Not Wikipedia… or Wookipedia)

Haha, remember that cool medieval quiz game on Encarta?

They didnt experience the pain of waiting 2 or 3 years for the next superhero movie.
Or 10 years for the next superhero movie that was actually GOOD!
(We now get 3 or 4 per year!!)

The internet as much as i love it has not helped either, with examples of exaggerated/ photoshopped results and false promises.

So i get it.

I get why so many of these guys (and girls too, its not just the fella’s) think they should be able to build their best superhero body in such a short amount of time and they will take any drug or supplement to help them get there sooner.
We dont have to wait for aything these days. Even YOUTUBE video buffering is almost a thing of the past (Thankyou high speed ADSL2)
So why should building a badass body be any different?

So whats my point in all of this?

Why do i sound like Old Man Logan at the bar, complaining about “these kid’s of today“?

image 3

Embrace the grind, in all aspects of life. (not just training)
Understand that your heroes journey is a lifelong one, its not gonna be 12 weeks or less. so keep on going, dont give up.

Stop trying to ‘Fool the system’ and resorting to the latest supplement or drugs to speed up your process. The chances are it will only set you backwards.

I hate to use silly inspirational quotes on instagram, but i like this one.
“It takes 6 months to build a Rolls Royce and 13 hours to build a hyundai.

(the real quote says Toyota, not Hyundai, but i love Toyota’s, I mean Cmon, The Supra, Crown Majesta, AE86 Corolla’s!)

As a side note, i would also like to point out, that this relates to all aspects of life, not just training.

Lets transform & Save the world!


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