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Quad’s Of Steel Workout

It has been a while for me since I had really put myself through a good old fashioned high volume leg workout.
Most of my training of 2017 has been changed up to mostly low volume strength training or Full body workouts, where I would train my legs with less volume in each session, but I would train them more often throughout the week.
I have now become a big believer in this style of training and have seen some huge gains from it.

But that doesn’t mean I cant throw in a workout to just blast my legs every now and then.
The leg’s are such a large muscle group and sometimes they really do need some extra stimulation if you want to kick start growth again.

Here is a sample of today’s leg workout,

This is a fast paced workout that gives time to focus on building up your strength at the start of the session plus focus on building up the size of those legs with higher rep supersets afterwards.

The workout:

Barbell Front Squat: 5 x 5

Set 1- 5 reps 70% of 1rm

Set 2- 5 reps 70% of 1rm

Set 3- 5 reps 75% of 1rm

Set 4- 5 reps 80% of 1rm

Set 5- 5 reps 85% of 1rm


Leg Press SUPERSET  Lying Hamstring Curl

5 sets of varying reps

Set 1- 25 reps

Set 2- 20 reps

Set 3- 15 reps

Set 4- 10 reps

Set 5- 10 reps

Increase the weight you are lifting as you reduce the number of reps per set.

Leg Extensions SUPERSET Seated Calf Raise

5 sets of varying reps

Set 1- 10 reps

Set 2- 10 reps

Set 3- 15 reps

Set 4- 20 reps

Set 5- 25 reps

Reduce the weight you are lifting as you increase the number of reps per set.


Add 2.5kg’s each week to all of the exercises, except for the Leg Press.

For the Leg Press, add 5kg’s each week.

I suggest following this workout for 4-5 weeks.

Words of advice:

Make sure you warm up first before beginning the front squats. I like to start out with just an empty bar and do a couple of quick sets of that to prepare my body for the movement. From there, increase the weight over 2-3 warm up sets until you reach your working set weight for Set number 1.

For the Front squat, I suggest going with the Olympic grip, where your palms are facing upwards. This will help to keep your body in a more upright position and put more focus on your legs and less on your lower back. If you struggle to get in this position, try stretching your lat’s out before beginning the training session.

Keep track of the weights you are lifting each week. I have included a link so you can print out this program and record your numbers each week.

Calculate what your 1 rep max is and the percentage’s of your 1 rep max. before going to the gym.

Make sure you are following a consistent meal plan. I suggest making sure you are in calorie surplus of at least 10%.  (not sure how to do this? email me


Download The Program
 So you don’t have to keep referring back to this blog post to keep remembering what the exercises and weight/ rep ranges are. I am going to make things super easy for you and give you the downloadable version of this program, complete with a training log and all!

Download PDF here



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