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Episode 45: Question Time

This week is the long awaited, long anticipated, long teased Q & A! Today I answer your questions. Talking everything from my favourite comic books, to what my thoughts are on supplements. Geek stuff, training stuff, nutrition stuff, a few rants here and there. It’s all here and I think you guys are really going to enjoy it.   Follow


jamesEpisode 45: Question Time

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Can Competition 10X your progress?

I think by nature I am a very competitive person. But never an athletically competitive person. I think I’m much more competitive when it comes to things like playing games. Put me into a Monopoly game and I all of a sudden become as focused as a T-1000 with the sole objective of bankrupting every last fucker on the board! But growing


jamesCan Competition 10X your progress?

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Superhero Circuit’s for size & strength

Over the course of this year I made a big change in my training. After speaking with several trainers and watching how actors got into shape for film roles, one common thread seemed to be a lot of them focused on full body training circuits to burn bodyfat, increase aerobic capacity and transform them into superhero shape. Since the majority of


jamesSuperhero Circuit’s for size & strength